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An invitation to explore your own unique pathway through your eating disorder, and onwards to wellness.The Recovery & Wellness Workbook for Eating Disorders is a collection of concepts and challenges that can be helpful to explore when struggling with an eating disorder. It will take you through 11 different modules that include education, activities, explorations and reflections. Each module is created to assist you in understanding the eating disorder, to develop coping skills, explore what sustains the eating disorder and finally, how to rebuild life after, or in spite of the eating disorder.





The Journey

Module 1: Recovery & Wellness Ethos

Module 2: Crisis Planning

Module 3: Eating Disorder Profile

Module 4: Coping Skills

Module 5: Managing Emotions

Module 6: Understanding Control

Module 7: Body Neutrality

Module 8: Exercise & Movement

Module 9: Pay Off's

Module 10: Intersectionality

Module 11: Rebuilding Life

Colouring Pages

Extra Notes Pages

References & Thanks


A digitial download is ideal if:

- You prefer to use your phone, tablet or computer to view and read

- You prefer to type of use a stylus for worksheets and activities 

- You would like to be able to delete and rewrite entries 

- You would like to be able to print off certain pages or modules 

- You prefer having a choice of full colour of black and white 


A small request:

Creating this workbook has taken an immense amount of time, energy and resources. Before sharing the digital file with someone else, please consider asking them to purchase their own version to help support my small business. Thank you!

Recovery & Wellness Workbook for Eating Disorders (black & white)

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